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Meet Robby and Bonny


Every child's first play robot.

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The world of tomorrow is going to be very different than what we see today. Its important that we expose our children to Programming or Logic Building at a young age.

Robby and Bonny do exactly that but in a very playful manner.

Bonny - your daughter's first play robot

What people say?

steve jobs about coding
Everybody in this country should learn how to code because it teaches you how to think?

- Steve Jobs

Dr. mausam
Robby and Bonny can be a great start to develop Logical Abilities in your children.

- Dr. Mausam, Artificial Intelligence, IIT Delhi

Komal sood
We should make sure that the first toy your girl gets is a Bonny to ensure that she
can succeed in the world of Science & Technology.

- Komal Sood, Former Principal, The Shriram School

A. Rajagopal, Intel
Robby and Bonny are so much more than toys - they grow with the children.

- A. Rajagopal, Innovator, Intel

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